09 April 2014

[Reblog] Raised Brow Tech: An Honest Concern

Raised Brow Tech: An Honest Concern: As a Mormon, this hit straight on. I stand up for my beliefs, though now I worry how that will effect my carrier in software engineering. ...

This writer responds: I'm going to concur with the concern that you published on your own blog (see link above).  I don't see this as being very far removed from posting the Family Proclamation (which, incidentally, I'm going to do here), in a public forum, such as my own timeline on Facebook, in my own blog, or over on Twitter.  The last General Conference was, I thought, pretty emphatic about the need to respect others, but doing so does not require that one adopts the views or orthodoxy of the person(s) with whom you disagree.  In my mind, it means that one acknowledges the differences, agrees to disagree on those points, and then move on.

These will continue to be challenging times, and I'm concerned that we may yet see other examples of the conduct you spoke of in the future.  It's my own prayer that we may remain faithful in the face of such challenges.  --Sandy