13 July 2005

Hello and Welcome

On this date, Witzlaw's Commentary is open for business. If you are just joining us, you haven't missed very much. :-)

What I think I would want to do at some point is to publish a statement of some guiding principles, which in turn will hopefully place my subsequent remarks into context. But for right now, let me say at the very outset the following:
  • I will probably be more conservative than liberal, but beyond that, I'm not sure I would fit into a specific portion of the political spectrum. I'll consider myself independent for the time being, but this may be subject to change.
  • I will not seek to offend, but there will undoubtedly be some topics and some viewpoints that I will feel very passionate about. As to such items, I will seek to approach the subject matter tactfully and diplomatically, but at the same time zealously and perhaps even forcefully. That's not an easy balance, but it will be what I shall strive for. Obviously it will not be possible to be in agreement with everyone...such is life, especially in the world of everyday discourse. But even if one is in disagreement with a particular viewpoint, I believe that it is possible to handle differences in a way that respect is maintained and even cultivated.
  • Of course, all of the above sounds very idealistic. If it is so, it is because I am an idealist. I would like to talk more about how things ought to be, rather than how things actually are.
  • Finally, I will also note that my religious beliefs and my testimony are very important to me. It is the key building block on my life and is the foundation behind my growing family. Which is not to say that I intend to impose my religious beliefs upon others...in fact, I feel very strongly against such behavior. In a world of extremely divergent viewpoints, especially in matters of religion, it is important to recognize that our spiritual journey is a deeply personal one. In that context, the two most important things we can do are 1) Follow the spiritual compass that God has given to each of us, and 2) Stand firmly behind the things you know to be true, no matter what.
And that will do it for my first point. Stay tuned for some initial remarks about law school. And thank you for your time in looking through Witzlaw. I think it's going to be a very interesting journey indeed.

Sander J. "Sandy" Rabinowitz

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Keenan Davis said...

I read your conversion story on your firstnephi.com website and wanted to thank you for it. My wife and I joined the Church about 35 years ago and raised 8 kids. I am a high tech lawyer in California. Started law school with three kids and graduated with five!! I've been practicing for about 26 years. It's been a great life. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. I'm also a political independent and that will NOT change anytime soon. Again, thanks for your conversion story and best wishes for a continued wonderful life in the Church. It is true, eternal and is indeed a marvellous work and a wonder.

Keenan Davis