16 May 2010

Sunday Memorandum in re.: The Diversity of Faiths

This message was originally published on 4 April 2007, on another blog that I am about to remove.

* * *

Recently it has come to my attention that a purportedly Christian organization released a video seeking to discredit Latter-day Saints. Nothing new about that: It's happened before, and undoubtedly it will happen again.

I need not give the effort more prominence than necessary. I will say one thing, and one thing only, as a general proposition: If we change our religious affiliation or our personal beliefs solely on the basis of what someone states or claims, or solely because of logic or persuasion, we cannot be assured of reaching the truth, because many if not most faiths, denominations, and sects generally claim theirs to be correct, and all others in error. It is, quite frankly, impossible to be correct in the eyes of everyone. Not counting Latter-day Saints, some Christians will even accuse other Christians of error.

The critical point is this: God is able to speak for Himself, He is able to do so directly to us, and blessed be those who are able to follow His promptings, whether through scripture, personal revelation, or both. --SJR

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